My son's fever seizure

Hi, my name is Diniqua Madison. When my son was eight months old, I was told that he had Fever seizure that cause him to have seizure whenever his fever raised. We moved down from Temple, Tx to Houston, TX to live with my mom, so that I could complete my school work. I located a doctor in Houston that would take his insurance because I started to hear this wheezing whenever he was just standing, sleeping, walking, or anything form of movement. The new doctor referred us to a ENT specialist. On the first visit with her, she told me that she wanted to perform a X-ray on my son’s throat because she could hear the whizzing too. After completion of the X-ray, the Nurse Practitioner told me that the glands in his throat had grown so large that they were now swollen and inflamed, the airway in his throat was so tight and it was making it hard for the air to pass through. She explained to me that she would like to run a couple of time to see what was causing his thyroids to enlarge, but she thinks that he will have to have surgery in order to clear the throat and his airway. This problem was making it hard to for him to do activities, breath, and it would wake him up out of his sleep because he would be fighting to get air. She explained to me that he would have to speak to and be exam by two more specialist for respiratory and digestive system. We did a couple of tests with each provider to clear him for surgery and to make sure that he had no underlining diseases. This test consisted of blood work, x-rays, exam, medication test, evaluations, and diet change. While I was at my externship the lady explains to me that I had to reserve my days and times. I was at first unaware of all the test and exams that would be taking place days later. When I came aware of the new doctor’s appointment, I made the externship location aware of what was going on. At first, they said that I would just have to call in a day before to let who ever was working that day know, but then that changed after a couple of appointments. I understand that I am accountable for all days that were missed and that I need to stick to my commit and responsibilities, I just would have hope that a little more understand would have been provide to me from my proctor because he is my child, I’m a single parent, and he was a 2 year old boy. Thank you looking into my evaluation of my Educational Funding, I would like to continue my education with Herzing University in order to complete my career goal. This University is an amazing University fighting with their students to help them complete or continue their education.