How to make America Great Again

Being one of the youngest nations in the world, America can already brag about its rich history. The States have an incredible history of constant process, evolvement, and growth. However, just like any other country, it also had to face its own challenges, downfalls, and failures. Though, the common thing about all of its drawbacks is that it always rises back to its former glory.
Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore the dark times America is currently undergoing. The division of the nation seems to be at its highest right now. The people are struggling to be heard as the air is already full of angry voices. The politics that should protect and govern the people have been causing only dissension. This is not the way to build a prosperous, healthy, and strong country. Hence, now it is up to people to find solutions, unity, and dignity to heal the country.
Though, it is also crucial to allow ourselves a portion of self-criticism. The United States had made their portion of mistakes, both domestically and internationally. There are not enough professionals at a single essay writing service to tell you all about it. In truth, we shouldn't look the other way when it comes to everything that has gone wrong with the US foreign policy. Especially in terms of our military involvement in various world regions. Americans should not forget about the misfortunes that were happening to the minorities of this country for so long. Neither it should forget about the Native Americans who have suffered at the hands of the newly migrated Europeans. This country has a long and traumatic history of slavery that can not and should not be forgotten. Especially if to consider that we are still living through the outcomes of this grave period. You don't need to have a paper help to analyze what those consequences are.
Thus, a country that wants to grow stronger should acknowledge that it may not have been at its greatest yet. Though, it might be. Who can define what is great for America? What time period can be the example for the future destination? Was there such a period at all? There is not enough time to answer all those questions. Of course, anyone who is interested in the shortcuts can check the speedypaper review for the answers. Though, keep it in mind, answers can be different for all of us.
Overall, it is worth remembering that greatness as such is a rather relevant term. What is considered great for some, is the opposite for others. In other words, making America great again may not mean great for everyone. The definition and understanding of greatness can vary among socioeconomic classes, religions, ethnicities, genders, and so on. Hence, making America great again may sound catchy and intriguing, though, it is not the ideal we, as a society, should be aiming at. Instead, it is better to think about how to make America a better home for everybody. How to connect what has been divided. How to fix what has been already broken. How to heal what has been hurt. These are the real questions we have to ask ourselves in our pursuit of a better America.